Deena McKay is a technologist, speaker, and podcaster who thrives at the intersection of tech, interviewing, and being real.

After working in the tech industry for over 10 years she decided to use her voice and create Black Tech Unplugged, highlights Blacks who innovate and work in the tech industry. Deena started Black Tech Unplugged as a way for people of color to hear the stories of people who looked like them and worked in the tech industry. She also wanted to share tips and advice for those trying to get into the industry. You can find out more about Black Tech Unplugged on the website, Apple Podcasts, or Soundcloud.

Who would’ve thought the girl that to be an athletic trainer would end up working in tech? Yes you read that right Deena wanted to be an athletic trainer in college, but that quickly changed as her passion for tech and always having the latest gadgets helped her make a career switch. Furthermore, when Deena isn’t sharing her tech knowledge or putting out podcasts you can find her traveling the world and trying a new restaurant.


Resilient. Driven. Ambitious.