#TechCrush: 1919 at Blue1647

For those of you who have no clue what 1919 is, allow me to introduce you to this amazing women's group that's trying to change your life! Formed in May of 2013, 1919 is an team within Blue1647 that aims to provide resources to female technologists and entrepreneurs. This initiative offers more than web and mobile … Continue reading #TechCrush: 1919 at Blue1647

#1919TechTeaParty: Spilling the Tea on Tech

You ever walk into an event and immediately feel like you're at a family reunion? That's how I felt on Tuesday walking into the tech tea party at Blue1647. Trust and believe when I say everyone left there feeling inspired and motivated after this candid tea session. The 3 panelists who delivered the piping hot tea were: … Continue reading #1919TechTeaParty: Spilling the Tea on Tech