Chicago Women in Tech Are Still Buzzing….



If you live in Chicago you’ve probably heard the screams lately about women in tech, if not check out this article. From that article a fury of responses rumbled about what women should be doing and why we aren’t viewed as a large contributor to tech. (Even I had to respond to that rumbling). Well all this Chicago women in tech “talk” finally was taken to talk radio last week on WBEZ by 3 tech industry gurus (Reva Minkoff, Blagica Bottliegero, and Monica Metzler) who shared their personal experiences and beliefs on the situation. Reva Minkoff is the founder and president of DigitalGroundUp and Digital4Startup. Blagica Bottliegero, founder of Zlato Digital and a weekly online show called Ladies Talk Tech and Monica Metzler, executive director for the Illinois Science Council to talk about the conversation that grew out of her initial thoughts on the issue.

Listen to the radio show and their opinions on tech:

Leave me some comments on your reaction to the show. Do you think what the ladies said was valid? Do you think that tech is really becoming the “good old boys club”?

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