#TechCrush: Queens Power Brunch

Today I want to highlight a special meet up that’s dear to my heart Queens Power Brunch! You’re probably wondering why I’m featuring this event on my blog, but it’ll all make sense at the end.

So a little background on the Queens Power Brunch… Queens Power Brunch was created by Shayna Atkins, founder of AtkCo, Inc, in March 2016 as an opportunity to give back. She wanted to build a community that resulted in stronger networks, better business practices, and higher bottom lines. Across industries. And platforms. And backgrounds. You can read more about her journey and how she came up with the brunch here.

I know you are interested in connecting with other “queens” in the Chicago area and you’re in luck because the next Queens Power Brunch is THIS Saturday, September 17th at Demera Ethiopian Restaurant from 2pm-4pm. At this particular Queens Power Brunch there will be 2 amazing tech ladies sharing their expertise. See how it all ties together now? So let me briefly introduce you to the speakers and sponsor.



Dima Elissa, co-founder of not one but TWO 3D printing companies (ProofX and VisMed-3D) will be in the building. Dima is passionate about devoting time, energy and guidance to women founders and entrepreneurs so I can’t wait to hear what gems she drops on Saturday!


Another favorite of mine, Amanda Spann, is also making an appearance. A formally trained publicist and an avid innovation enthusiast, she’s now the Co-founder & Marketing Director of tiphub and Founder of Alchomy App.  She’s been honored as one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women In Tech Under 30.


BONUS: There will be a professional Head Shot Sponsor, India Parson.


She is the Founder and Principle Executive Image Consultant at Building Economic Stability Together, LLC and the photography sponsor of #QueensBrunch. That means everyone attending will get a complimentary head shot!

There are still tickets for the event, but hurry because with such a powerhouse lineup I’m sure tickets will be sold out soon. Plus, who doesn’t want a free headshot?

So who’s coming to this don’t miss brunch?! Let me know in the comments.


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