Are Interactive Social Resumes the Future?

Job seekers are showcasing their talents uniquely these day. I’ve seen everything from an online application mimicking an Amazon product page and interactive infographics to a 6-second video via popular app Vine. Job seekers are moving further and further away from the paper resume and using creativity to “brand” themselves and stand out in a tough, competitive market.

Recently, I came across one of the most unique methods to get hired, an interactive social resume. Jannic Nielssen, a communications graduate from Millikin University in Decatur, IL, created a social resume website that mimics a kickstarter to showcase his achievements and talents and hopefully land him an internship or job offer by May 1st.

His website titled, “Kick Jannic Into A Digital Career!​” begins with a video CV detailing his skills and strengths (see above), followed by social media stats, work experience, and endorsements from previous employers and professors. Jannic’s website illustrates that he lives for what he does. When I asked him about his love for Social Media, Advertising, and Marketing he stated that, “[these] are all things that I felt passionate about and partook in before having the understanding of them that I currently possess. They are second nature for me. My knowledge in these areas are always growing.”

You’re probably wondering how Jannic came up with his idea. Like many other job hunters he saw other applicants take the out of the box approach to their job hunt with great success. But he choose the kickstarter model for two main reasons:

  1. After graduating in December 2012 his job hunting has been unrewarding. But he was an international student with an OPT status (Optical Practical Training). Thus, he needed to step his efforts up and kickstarter supports his time structure.
  2. Kickstarter is about expressing support for a product. In his case HE is the product and the “funding” is in social shares instead of monetary.

Jannic has had numerous interviews, but tomorrow we will know the end result. He does note, “I want to achieve a job that will kick start my career and join a forward-thinking company I can grow with.”

May 1st is tomorrow. Make sure you check out the result of Jannic’s campaign!

What do you think of his concept? Would you hire him? Let me know in the comments below.

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