5 Tech Gadgets to Take to the Beach


Summer is here (for most of us)!! And what better way to celebrate than hitting the beach and relaxing. Of course when you go to the beach you either want to take your friends, gadgets, or both. So here are five tech gadgets that you should take to the beach to enjoy your time.

1. Don’t Forget Your Towel: Before you’re next beach adventure you should check out TowelMate. This comfy towel option has hidden, zippered waterproof pockets for your smartphone, tablet, headphones and more. So you can keep your gadgets safe all while lounging in the sun.

2. Enjoy a Great Read: When you’re relaxing on the beach there’s nothing better than getting into a good story. There’s many options to bring a good read alone for the ride with you (kindle, ipad, etc). BUT choose your device wisely because you don’t want to have a glare while trying to read.

3. Waterproof Speakers are a Smart Bet: As a person who LOVES music my go to piece for the beach is small waterproof speakers like the Jensen Heavy Duty Speaker. It’s waterpoof, portable, and perfect for getting the party started.

4. Capture Each Moment With a Camera: I love swimming and taking pictures in the pool. So if you’re like me I recommend a camera like Bell & Howell WP5 Waterproof camera which is perfect to catch your kids swimming under water or just goofing around with your friends in the pool.

5. Resealable Water-tight Bags are Your BFF: So you have all your things at the beach but how do you make sure your tech gadgets stay safe? The best thing to do is seal your gadgets in resealable plastic bags. This way the sand stays out of the nooks and crannies of everything and not to mention you can keep water off your precious iPhone.

What gadgets do you take to the beach?

2 thoughts on “5 Tech Gadgets to Take to the Beach

  1. Muhammad Lal says:

    ye you are right, in summer when you are sitting in beach and you have a your gadget, it very good and very fantastic, i love your post keep posting this this type of thing its very attractive to the reader.

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