Blerds & Tech: Will We Ever Be Undivided?

If you haven’t noticed there is currently a small amount of minorities in the tech sphere. However, do you think that will continue to be?

Last Saturday, I attended an event called Blerds Night Out by Blerdology (if you have a chance and they come to your city you should definitely check it out). And to be in a room with fellow techies, blerds, community builders, etc I felt empowered and inspired to start making major moves.

The night began with Julian Tillotson from Indirap Productions and he spoke about video and how it can be used to engage clients. He made a concept that others have made us afraid to use so simple. One key thing that he mentioned that resonated with me is “Don’t overthink the content. Create it and post it! It will be seen”. So many of us never take that risk and it was interesting to hear how video can be use to take things to the next level. I think I will be using some of his video tips soon here on my blog….

Just when I thought I learned more than I ever could in one event, there came Jimmy Odom (co-founder of WeDelivr), Neal Sales-Griffin (co-founder of Starter League) and Kat Calvin (founder of Blerdology). To be in the presence of such powerful tech warriors was awesome. They touched on three things that mattered a lot to me mentorship, business attitude, and giving back.

On mentorship, Jimmy stated “I never said, “Would you be my mentor?” I just bug people just enough. Don’t be afraid to ask for someone’s time.”

This is so true! So many people are afraid to ask for help when help is right in front of you. That needs to stop NOW.

On having the right business attitude, Jimmy stated, “If you believe in your business, you speak w/ confidence. You know that what u are providing has value.”

This speaks volume to me! This is the attitude everyone should have about their business. If you have a business you should bleed and sweat your business with great pride.

A major thing I liked that everyone spoke about was giving back. So many of us forget to give back and if we want to bridge this tech gap we have to start giving back. And Neal touched on this point when he said, “[t]here are a lot of people that want to help out here. They don’t all look like you. Make sure you give back.”

After going to Blerds Night Out I have a renewed spirit about a Blerds presence in the tech world. We are doing big things and I don’t think we are going to slow down anytime soon.

Blerds Night Out ended with an excellent quote, “There are black people doing big things. POSITIVE THINGS!”

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