Does Normal Really Get You Nowhere?

I just finished reading a great book by Kelly Cutrone (might’ve seen her on The Hills or know her PR firm, People’s Revolution) called “Normal Gets You Nowhere”. Her book is a painfully honest revolution of why normal really gets you nowhere. After reading this book I felt so inspired to embrace my quirkiness to the world.

Since Kelly was brave enough to share her wisdom on not being normal I wanted to share 5 tips of wisdom I gained from her.

1) Don’t get comfortable with the “norm”

Have you ever asked yourself, “[w]hat do you have to say? What in this world are you called to fight for?”. Well Kelly makes you ask yourself in the first chapter of her book. Stop doing what other people in the world want you to do and follow your passion. Also, quit holding back on your ideas and running away from “weirdos”. Start going towards them and embracing them because insanity (weirdness) breeds successful businesses/lifestyles.

She even goes a step further and says “[I]f you’re going to get in the ring, babe, you better know how to box”. It’s all good and dandy to pursue your passion but if you truly love what you’re doing why not strive to be the best?

2) Stop being comfortably numb to the media

Kelly believes “[w]hoever said less is more was right: the less bullshit and frivolity you have in your life, the more attention you have to focus on what is REALLY going on.”

From reality tv to the news to gossip magazines, society has become comfortable with being exposed to mind numbing garbage on a daily basis. When we see/read new ideas we should NEVER take those ideas as the truth but as a starting point. Instead of becoming numb and believing everything we should research ideas and create our own opinion and thoughts on ideas.

3) Awaken your soul

Have you ever taken time to explore how you feel deep down in your soul? Kelly says the way to really awaken your soul is “Consciousness + Compassion + Love in Action. (Oh and don’t forget to add a dash of ruthlessness)”. I don’t know about you but I don’t think enough of us do these things anymore. I think we can all testify that love in action is something so simple but is lacked in society. Something as compassionate and loving as giving a homeless person change is not even a passing thought anymore. Society has made most people completely ruthlessness. However, tune into these three concepts, I have been and I’ve seen a major change in my life and attitude.

4) Have good people are on your team

We come across millions of people in our lifetime, but some we actually connect with and call “friends”. However, we are so quick to quit a relationship because someone has “wronged” us. We HAVE to realize that everyone is human, no one is perfect. There are things that people will do that we won’t like but we need to learn to forgive. Forgiveness with a heart full of understanding rather than a fist of resentment is the greatest thing you can do for someone else AND yourself.

Just make sure whoever is on your team is part of the “No Matter What Club”. That is “a group of people who are progressive, open, fearless, and courageous enough to agree to truly be there for one another, NO MATTER WHAT.” Is every member of your team in the No Matter What club?

5) Go be a spark!

I love the passion that Kelly illustrates the passion for living life to the fullest. A quote that really spoke to my soul and makes me want to engulf myself in everything I do is…

“[a]ll of us are sparks, and the whole global universe is a fireworks show. How does your spark manifest in the world? Is it progressive or effective? And what will it leave on this earth when it has moved?”

This inspires me to go out and make my mark on the world! I want to leave a legacy behind and be the best me as possible.

Overall, the message in Kelly’s book can speak to the world if everyone would take a chance and listen. What do you think, will you read her book? Leave me a note in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Does Normal Really Get You Nowhere?

  1. Unicorns & Glitter (@cynthialanel) says:

    Coolness! Thanks for sharing what you thought of Kelly Cutrone’s book, “Normal Gets you Nowhere”, I read a snippet of a book she co-wrote, “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: and other things your mother never told you.” – which I have been meaning to check out as well.

    I remember watching, “The Hills” and “The City” Cutrone’s advice seems to come from an open and honest place.

    • deenamckay says:

      No problem! The book was just too awesome not to share!! I have heard about her other book and after reading this one I definitely want to check it out. I don’t think Kelly Cutrone is a viscous person but she is so blunt that you know EXACTLY what she means. And I absolutely love that about her! More people should have that attitude.

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