Living My Best Life at EmpowerHer17

I had the pleasure of attending Blavity & 21Ninety's EmpowerHer17 Conference in Chicago last weekend. Take a look at my recap video to see what you missed....   Deena's Top 5 Takeaways from EmpowerHer17:   Self-care/Mental health Struggle breeds innovation Strategy is BAE Greatness cannot be ignored so share your voice Do you   And … Continue reading Living My Best Life at EmpowerHer17

Are You Joining Me?

If you asked me this time last year if I thought I would be in this position I'd tell you not in my wildest dreams!! But here I am... beyond excited to announce that I will be a panelist/host of this year's Roots N Tech Millennial's Speak!! The Roots N Tech Summit is part of the Nappywood … Continue reading Are You Joining Me?

Why Do We Forget Self-Care?

Everyone is guilty of it at some point... Always being on the move. Always taking care of others before taking care of ourselves. Lately self-care has been a major issue that seems to be plaguing a lot of people. I'm glad people are finally realizing its time to put themselves first. So on this maniac Monday let … Continue reading Why Do We Forget Self-Care?

Why We Are STILL Sipping on Lemonade

Saturday night Beyoncé graced us with her visually stunning, lyrically mesmerizing film "Lemonade" on HBO. If you haven't watched it well I'm sorry we can't wait for you to catch up because we are still trying to find our snatched edges from that epicness. But what I can tell you is 5 lessons I learned from … Continue reading Why We Are STILL Sipping on Lemonade

How a Mentor Can Help Your Career

I don't know about you, but sometimes you need help you with your career. You need someone to help you with a career decision or to even to call you out on your BS and tell you I know you can do better, followed by a huge kick in the right direction! Last Monday night I had … Continue reading How a Mentor Can Help Your Career