Are You Joining Me?

If you asked me this time last year if I thought I would be in this position I’d tell you not in my wildest dreams!! But here I am… beyond excited to announce that I will be a panelist/host of this year’s Roots N Tech Millennial’s Speak!!

The Roots N Tech Summit is part of the Nappywood Hair Expo and will be on Saturday August 6th from 3-5:30 at the Reef in Downtown LA. The theme of the “talk-back circle” style conversation will be “The Revolution will be Digitized- From the Beat to the Hashtag,” which reflects the Nappywood 2016 Weekend Declaration, “It’s Time for a #RETOUCH; Remembering Tradition, Creating new Growth.”

Some topics we will analyze are:

  • the usage and impacts of technology, new media, and social media on the lives of African-Americans across the diaspora today
  • Are African-Americans living more empowered, fulfilled, healthy, and rich lives thanks to increased communication across digital platforms?
  • Ancestral Africans are known for a history of excellent oral traditions, the use of call and response, the manipulation of environment to create silos of black thought and information flow – how is that reflected in today’s shifting society and across our generations?
  • Has the communicative power of the hashtag, become the “talking drum” of today?

Don’t think we’ll just be talking about this from a “tech” perspective either. The panelists are from various careers and generations. You can see meet all of us below:


If you’re in the LA area or can make the trip I’d love if you could join us on Saturday for some awesome conversation.

You can purchase your tickets here:

Hope to see you there!!


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