#FBNoExcuses.. NOW WHAT?

On Friday, Shanley, Anjuan Simmons, Serious Black, and Qiana Patterson started a nice little hashtag conversation #FBNoExcuses in response to Facebook’s diversity report. The report basically said there was little to no change in Facebook’s numbers regarding minority employees, BUT instead of admitting their role in the lack of change Facebook decided to use the excuse of “a broken pipeline”. Nevertheless, black techies weren’t going for that AT ALL. Friday’s discussion was live, real, and raw and I definitely suggest you check it out. However, there were a few ideas from that conversation that I believe Facebook should start working on immediately using their own mottos.


“Move fast and break things.”

If Facebook is so concerned with moving fast and breaking things why don’t they start with breaking its hiring process? I’m not saying it needs to lower the bar, but break the concept of “culture fit” and “skill set” to include everyone. If the “culture fit” is based off the current employees then how can someone like myself or you begin to even THINK we could get a job at Facebook (let alone a simple tour)? Minorities might not have the same “look” or “the skill set” as the current employees but we have talent and deserve a fighting chance.


“Move fast with stable infrastructure.”

If Facebook wants stable infrastructure they should really look into building it asap. They should try taking a page from Google’s book and offer workshops so people can learn technical skills. Google offers programs with students such as made with code, CS First, and much more for all levels. If Facebook offered programs or technical workshops to outside talent not only would they be teaching someone potentially something new, but they may also meet a potential candidate who’s resume may have never come across their desk. By doing this Facebook would even have the chance to capture potential talent at a  younger age and keep them in the brand for a long time.


“Be Connected. Be Discovered.”

Yeah that’s Facebook’s own slogan (although I’m pretty sure no one knew that until now). There is just too much opportunity out here in these tech streets to say the pipeline is dry. Have they connected with Jopwell to send them resumes of amazing minorities who work in tech? Have they connected with organizations like  Black Girls Code or Code2040 to meet minorities who are learning technical skills? NOPE! Maybe the lack of diversity comes from lack of connection with the right people/organizations. Maybe now Facebook will take a page from its own book and start connecting, building, and fostering relationships so minority’s in tech can be discovered.


So Facebook the ball is in your court now.. How are you going to answer the call of diversity? Honestly you won’t be able to “move fast with stable infrastructure” until this diversity issue is solved. But just remember if you do any of my ideas I’m only a pay pal account away. But in all honesty I hope to be hearing a different tune regarding Facebook and diversity in the next year.

So what do you think Facebook should be doing to get a better diverse workforce? Leave your thoughts in the comments! 

2 thoughts on “#FBNoExcuses.. NOW WHAT?

  1. Tai Belle says:

    lovely blog! Needs a like button to like this as well. I hope this blog reaches the right people. Will definitely be sharing!

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