Why We Are STILL Sipping on Lemonade

Saturday night Beyoncé graced us with her visually stunning, lyrically mesmerizing film “Lemonade” on HBO. If you haven’t watched it well I’m sorry we can’t wait for you to catch up because we are still trying to find our snatched edges from that epicness. But what I can tell you is 5 lessons I learned from Bey’s triumphant performance with my favorite new Bey lyrics:

1. “Bad motherfucker, God complex; Motivate your ass call me Malcolm X”

Bey came out and slayed the whole.damn.thang. Just when we thought she couldn’t get any better she shocked us (again)! She gave us an hour long visual album that had countless celeb cameos (because who says no to Beyoncé). And her music hit every genre from rap to country. Who in the world can do that to us?! Nobody but Queen B that’s who! Now who didn’t look at themselves and ask ‘what am I doing with my life right now’ after all was said and done? Leave it to Bey to make us want to step our whole life up.

2. “Something don’t feel right, because it ain’t right”

If your gut instinct is saying something is wrong, please listen people! So many times we don’t listen to our gut and get in these gut-wrenching, heartbreaking situations. Well Bey told us in “Hold Up” if it don’t feel right it’s probably not right. So are we going to start listening to our guts and stop putting ourselves in situations that don’t feel right?

3. “Sorry I ain’t sorry”

If everyone isn’t walking around with confidence of steel soon I’ll just assume you missed “Lemonade” all together. Because Bey told us if your a minority woman (I’m going to include men into this snipped too) it’s time to throw old stereotypes out the window. Stop saying ‘sorry’! It’s time to be unapologetically YOU! Show your strengths, share your stories whatever you do it’s time to move forward and stop minimizing yourself.

4. “Hey! I’mma keep running; Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”

We all know Beyoncé shared her baggage but she didn’t let that baggage hold her down. Yes we’ve all seen and experienced things but we we don’t have to let the past affect us and our relationships. So let’s have a moment of silence right now because whatever you were holding on to from the past, it’s time to stop letting it hold us back. No generational curses will be found here no more! It’s time to release the past and get out there and win.

5. “Our love was stronger than your pride; Beyond your darkness, I’m your light”

In the end Bey shows us a happy ending even though the circumstances were less than ideal. Life is not always going to go your way but hey when life gives you lemons…. well you know the rest….. Life is all about perspective so are you going to sit and be mad or you going to try to get to your happy?


So tell me your reaction to “Lemonade” in the comments below! 



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