Do YOU Give Back?

via Hulu Two weeks ago Amos Winbush III, CEO and founder of CyberSynchs, was on a show on ABC called "Secret Millionaire" (see above if you missed it). Secret Millionaire follows a successful business person for one week as they leave their lavish lifestyles, conceal their true identities, and go to live and volunteer in a poverty … Continue reading Do YOU Give Back?

Does Normal Really Get You Nowhere?

I just finished reading a great book by Kelly Cutrone (might've seen her on The Hills or know her PR firm, People's Revolution) called "Normal Gets You Nowhere". Her book is a painfully honest revolution of why normal really gets you nowhere. After reading this book I felt so inspired to embrace my quirkiness to … Continue reading Does Normal Really Get You Nowhere?

How to Switch to a Tech Career

Often when you start a job after college, you’re still figuring out what you love. As time goes by and you begin to gain some experience in the working world and you may realize what you thought you wanted to do really isn’t the perfect fit. It might be the ideal time start looking for … Continue reading How to Switch to a Tech Career

Tips to Avoid Mistakes as an Employee

Last week I wrote a post about how to rock an interview. So now I want to address after you've gotten the job and it's time to start. First, congrats on your new position! But from first hand experience I know you're worrying about wanting to be amazing, becoming friends with your colleagues, and just finding … Continue reading Tips to Avoid Mistakes as an Employee

How to Ace a Job Interview

My friend is going to a job interview soon and it inspired me to share my tips to ace a job interview. Here are my ten tips to rock your next interview and get that dream job you've always wanted! 1. Have your resume handy. Make sure your resume is perfect! Ensure that the information is … Continue reading How to Ace a Job Interview