Tips to Avoid Mistakes as an Employee

Last week I wrote a post about how to rock an interview. So now I want to address after you’ve gotten the job and it’s time to start. First, congrats on your new position! But from first hand experience I know you’re worrying about wanting to be amazing, becoming friends with your colleagues, and just finding your footing in your new work environment. So, I want to make sure you meet those goals and avoid common mistakes of employees along the way. Here’s a quick guide (which can apply for a first job or a first day at a new job) to get you started on the right foot and on a path to success.


  1. Be open to learning new things. Going into a new job remember to absorb as much as you can. Make sure you try to know the job inside and out and the best way to do that is by asking questions and taking notes.
  2. Watch your attitude. Nobody likes a person who comes in like a know it all. Make sure you’re open to everything that comes your way. Make sure that you also show respect to other employees you meet because they worked hard to get where they are. If you come in with a know-it-all attitude trust me it will not go over well.
  3. Don’t be a complainer. Who do you know likes a debbie downer? That’s right no one. Thus at work to be an uplifiting spirit! Complaining won’t get you far at any job. Instead of complaining about something figure out a solution and present it to your boss. They’ll respect much you more for being proactive.
  4. Beware of super negative employees. Again you want to be a positive person in the work arena. While you’re expected to be friendly and socialize with employees being around negatives ones can affect your spirit and how you’re perceived by other employees. In other words, be aware of the company you keep!
  5. Keep it strictly business with your coworkers. You have to spend a lot of time with your coworkers so you want to have a great bond. But make sure you set the limits on what you share with your coworkers. Without boundaries coworkers may waste time with gossiping and even possibly flirting. Also, never ignore your work in order to engage in non-business conversations, especially if you have work to be done.

Will you use these tips at your next job? Have you made any of these mistakes in the past?

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