This Week’s Tech Follow Up

This week has been news worthy and so I want to highlight my favorite tech stories of this week. Let’s get this follow up started!!

Viral Video of the Week

This week 3 Cleveland girls, who went missing in separate situations 10+ years ago, were found due to the help of Charles Ramsey. His video explaining what happened has gone viral this week. Take a look above!

This interview has been remixed, auto-tuned  etc. But one thing we can all agree on is that Charles Ramsey is a true hero!

Viber is Taking Over


You’re probably wondering what the heck is Viber? Besides being Skype’s biggest competitor (with currently over 200 million users), Viber is an app that requires a 3G or Wi-Fi network so you can text message and voice call other people who also have the app, all for free. The only thing is all parties involved must have the Viber app. I’ve used Viber and it’s great! It’s like the whatsup app but with more features.

Recently, Viber released a desktop version for Windows and Mac that allows users to integrate their contacts and transfer calls and messages between devices. The desktop version also has a video messaging feature, which hasn’t even been released for mobile.

Will you be trying this app anytime soon?

Have No Fear Tweetchat Users, OneQube is Here


If you haven’t heard Tweetchat is ending soon leaving many twitter users wondering what platform they’ll use next for their twitter chats. Well there’s a new platform ready to take over called oneQube SmartStream. It’s a free Twitter chat platform designed to support the hundreds of active Twitter chats that were rocked by this week’s news about the imminent demise of TweetChat. The SmartStream team says their platform is fully compatible with the new Twitter API rules. To view the details about OneQube read here.

Will you be using this platform?

ACT Tests Will Be Going Digital


Starting in spring 2015, high school students will be able to take the ACT college admissions exam by computer, although the paper and pencil version will be available at least for a while. The digital version of the ACT will, for the first time, will ask questions that allow you to perform a function that can be performed on the computer screen. With the new ability to construct responses, students who are visual learners might have a better chance during the exam.

I think this is a great idea and I wish I had this when I was taking the test. I’m sure there will be some computer hiccups though. What do you think of this new way of standardized testing?

Want to be Apart of Exclusive Tech Network?

There’s a new social media network, called Solaborate, that’s geared to only tech professionals. Solaborate allows users to connect, discover, and follow other tech professionals, companies, products, and services. It also allows users to publish questions, share documents and presentations, chat, video conference, and share best practices. As most other social networks, it will integrate with the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

This new network seems like LinkedIn mixed with Google+ with a real-time collaboration layer on top of the networking part.

Are you going to try Solaborate?

Until next time…

Xo Deena

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