This Week’s Tech Follow Up

This week has been news worthy and so I want to highlight my favorite tech stories of this week. Let's get this follow up started!! Viral Video of the Week This week 3 Cleveland girls, who went missing in separate situations 10+ years ago, were found due to the help of Charles Ramsey. His video … Continue reading This Week’s Tech Follow Up

This Week’s Tech Follow Up

It's about that time again, another week means more tech stories. Check out my tech stories for this week and make sure to share it and maybe even leave a comment about one of the stories. So without further adieu... Viral video of the week A video that has gone viral here in Chicago is … Continue reading This Week’s Tech Follow Up

Social Media vs Traditional Media: Who’s Winning the Race

via Last week had us all glued to news outlets regarding the Boston Marathon bombings following by the capture and death of the suspects. I used Twitter as my main source of getting information about the situation because I could read people's first hand experiences of the situation and information was spreading quickly. I still … Continue reading Social Media vs Traditional Media: Who’s Winning the Race

This Week’s Tech Follow-Up

Another week and new tech stories are ready to be share. Let's hop into my top tech stories of the week. 1. Viral video of the week: The new Dove commerical I LOVE the new commercial Dove introduced this week! The video shows how inaccurate women are perceiving themselves. Seven women of various ages and backgrounds … Continue reading This Week’s Tech Follow-Up

This Week’s Tech Follow-up

It was another exciting week in tech. If you missed out don't worry because I have my top tech stories here. The Bitcoin Boom Bitcoin was created by a person called “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2008 and is the first digital currency that fulfills all the requirements of a real, sustainable currency. It's scarce; it's an … Continue reading This Week’s Tech Follow-up