This Week’s Tech Follow-Up

Another week and new tech stories are ready to be share. Let’s hop into my top tech stories of the week.

1. Viral video of the week: The new Dove commerical

I LOVE the new commercial Dove introduced this week! The video shows how inaccurate women are perceiving themselves. Seven women of various ages and backgrounds were told to hang out with strangers, neither party was told why. After a while, the strangers were then taken into a room with FBI-trained forensic artist, Gil Zamora, and told to describe the woman they were spending time with. The seven original ladies were then asked to do sketches with Zamora by describing their own facial features. In the end there were two drawings of each woman that hung side-by-side (one by the actual person and the other by the stranger) and the contrast was pretty extreme. The tagline of the campaign is: “You are more beautiful than you think.”

What do you think about this new commercial? How do you think you view yourself?

2. Twitter Music is Finally Here



Twitter made the big announcement Thursday on Good Morning America that Twitter music had become available to EVERYONE, you can purchase the app here. The app shows what’s popular on Twitter, what new artists are emerging, the things people you follow are listening to, and suggestions all based on your activity. And if you have Spotify, you can play tracks themselves right in the app. Basically, Twitter music is where you can find new artists and then follow and promote them.

Do you think Twitter Music can compete with Spotify and other music sources?

3. Bitcoin is Here to Stay

untitled (8)

If you don’t know about Bitcoin, read about it here. For the past week everyone has been saying they are wondering when Bitcoin will bust. But from the progress made this week it looks like it’s here to stay! OkCupid is one of the first major companies to start accepting Bitcoin on its website. And currently, 1 Bitcoin= $19.62 USD.

What does it say about your economy when “imaginary” internet money is worth more than your real world money?

4. LinkedIn gets a facelift

LinkedIn launched a redesigned iOS, Android app this week which shows its shift in focus to its news stream. The company wants to show more interaction so the major focus was on conversations, updates from network and let’s not forget advertisements. Check out the new features in the video above.

Do you think LinkedIn can compete with Twitter or Facebook now?

Until next time…

Xo Deena

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