How To Inspire Employees


I just got back from a wonderful trip that celebrated my company’s one year anniversary. I am so lucky to work at a wonderful company that not only helps me grow, but has employed extraordinary people that I get to surround myself around. When you have employees that understand, support, and expand a vision, a company has the formula for success. In order to get amazing employees and keeping them a company has to be inspiring and successful. Here are some ways on how to inspire employees, from an employee’s perspective:

1. Recognition: Money is nice but it’s not everything. At my company meeting it was wonderful to hear the accomplishments others have made during the year. When an employee is recognized for their hard work and dedication, it leaves a lasting impression on them. Words go a very long way!

2. Corporate pep talks: My company held a corporate pep talk for a full afternoon. It was such a morale booster to see how everyone’s work was being appreciated. It was also exciting to see where the company is headed. There’s nothing better than having your team leader(s) and company president articulate the company’s mission, projected outcomes, and forecasts for the next year. That passion is what ignites staff… that’s real power!

3. Provide Training: My company offers a lot of training opportunities. Training conveys that a company wants its employees to continuously grow and eventually share the newfound expertise.

4. Communication: For someone like myself who works for a remote company, it’s important to stay connected. All the employees who live near me meet up for lunch or a fun activity at least once a month. It makes you feel connected again and raises team moral.

5. Contests: Everyone needs a little healthy competition sometimes! My company offers contests that not only get the company name out, but also allows us to use our creativity.

What things does your company do to keep you motivated?

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