Tips to Avoid Mistakes as an Employee

Last week I wrote a post about how to rock an interview. So now I want to address after you've gotten the job and it's time to start. First, congrats on your new position! But from first hand experience I know you're worrying about wanting to be amazing, becoming friends with your colleagues, and just finding … Continue reading Tips to Avoid Mistakes as an Employee

How to Ace a Job Interview

My friend is going to a job interview soon and it inspired me to share my tips to ace a job interview. Here are my ten tips to rock your next interview and get that dream job you've always wanted! 1. Have your resume handy. Make sure your resume is perfect! Ensure that the information is … Continue reading How to Ace a Job Interview

How To Inspire Employees

I just got back from a wonderful trip that celebrated my company's one year anniversary. I am so lucky to work at a wonderful company that not only helps me grow, but has employed extraordinary people that I get to surround myself around. When you have employees that understand, support, and expand a vision, a … Continue reading How To Inspire Employees

WAKE UP! It’s Monday!!

Every Sunday night I feel like Monday is lurking over my shoulder (insert Jaws theme music). Then, Monday morning hits and its hard to go to work and stay focused, let alone awake. So I have provided a few ways to feel better on a Monday (or any other day). Workout in the morning: Working … Continue reading WAKE UP! It’s Monday!!

Facebook Does It Again…

I don't know about you but it seems like every few months Facebook decides to "reinvent" itself. I get overwhelmed trying to learn the new features every time. Well this time it seems like Facebook's new facelift... is for the better. Yesterday, at Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and co-founder) outlined the new … Continue reading Facebook Does It Again…