WAKE UP! It’s Monday!!

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Every Sunday night I feel like Monday is lurking over my shoulder (insert Jaws theme music). Then, Monday morning hits and its hard to go to work and stay focused, let alone awake. So I have provided a few ways to feel better on a Monday (or any other day).

  1. Workout in the morning: Working out in the morning wakes up your brain and gets your juices flowing. This will give you time to clear your mind before starting your work day.
  2. Your attitude: You’ve heard of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, haven’t you? Well attitude is everything! And it definitely sets a tone for your day. Since you control your attitude, make sure you start with a positive one because that is what breeds success! Remember positive energy=positive results
  3. Find your motivator: Everyone has something that helps them refocus and get into grind mode. For me it’s music, but whatever it may be for you make sure you have access to it when you need some help keeping focus on tasks during the day (keep it office appropriate).
  4. Take breaks: Have you ever been at your desk and felt like you could nod off at any second? Well that’s a hint that it’s time to take a break! Get up, walk around the office, or visit with coworkers for a few minutes. Leaving your desk and not thinking about work for a few minutes gives your brain time to refresh.
  5. Actually take a lunch: In today’s world it’s normal to have a “working lunch” or to skip lunch all together. Instead you should use it as a time to regroup. Get up and take a walk. Better yet meet up with some friends! Fresh air and social time are a great way to jump start the last half of your day.


What are some of the things you do to stay motivated during the day? Leave a comment below!

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