Is Working From Home REALLY that Bad?

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There’s been a ton of feedback in response to Marissa Mayer’s decision to have Yahoo employees return to working in the office. Being as I have experience on both sides of this coin (currently I work from home) I thought it was time to break my silence on the issue.

The first thing I thought when I heard Mayer’s decision was REALLY ? Personally, if I was one of Yahoo’s workers I would be upset.

I enjoy working from home a lot! I feel I accomplish a lot during one day of working from home compared to if I worked at an office. Working from home gives a sense leisure and comfort that an office doesn’t provide. All the pressures, like competing with coworkers or office drama, and distraction are eliminated at home and all that’s left are your own thoughts and time to complete quality work.

With there being no office space, some speculate that communication goes downhill. Yeah you can’t just walk over to the next cubicle and talk to a coworker but we live in a highly technologically advanced society. We can email, instant message, Skype/video chat, or forbid we actually pick up a phone and call someone anymore. There are plenty of ways to communicate to coworkers or clients, but for success to occur people need to engage.

On that note, I want to leave you with something that WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg, who was interviewed by AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher at SXSW Interactive this past weekend, said (Read full text here). “Why are so many companies set into this factory model?” Mullenweg asked. “Find the best people you can and let them do their work.” Ultimately people need to realize that it’s not about where the work is being done, it’s about what work is being completed.

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