Follow-Up Friday

Every Friday I will post a list of topics I want to highlight from the week. I hope you learn about something new from this post and if you have a topic you think should be highlighted, drop me a line on the Ask Me tab.

Thanks for joining me on my first Follow-Up Friday 🙂

US Wealth Inequality: A major concern in the US since the election has been the imbalance of wealth. Starting last Friday this video, which illustrates the issue in dramatic and graphic form, has gone viral; it now has over 3 million views.

Smart Watch

Smart Watches: The new rage that everyone is talking about is Smart Watches, which allows a wearer to truly be hands free. Wearers will be able to read texts, see who is calling them, scan Facebook and Twitter, check the time and more all while driving, walking down the street or even riding a bike. Do you think you’ll get this product?

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Grumpy Cat: The Grumpy Cat memes, which feature Tard the cat (apparently the most “important” and “influential” cat of 2012), are everywhere. And for those lucky enough to attend SXSW this weekend, you can see Tard at the Mashable House. Unfortunately for those like myself who are not attending, we will have to continue to look at her hilarious memes via internet.

Harlem Shake Video: I’m sure by now you’ve seen at least one video of the Harlem shake phenomenon. I don’t know how this started, but I’m not really a fan. However, for some reason I could not resist adding this video of the Miami Heat doing the Harlem Shake.


International Women’s Day: Last but not least, I want to say Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in the world! As a woman, I personally know the strides women are making in the world and I hope the presence of women in business, politics, and many other areas continues to grow. Go celebrate this day with the women in your life.

Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Until next time…

Xo Deena

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