Social Media vs Traditional Media: Who’s Winning the Race

via Last week had us all glued to news outlets regarding the Boston Marathon bombings following by the capture and death of the suspects. I used Twitter as my main source of getting information about the situation because I could read people's first hand experiences of the situation and information was spreading quickly. I still … Continue reading Social Media vs Traditional Media: Who’s Winning the Race

The Negative Effects of Social Media on Our Youth

  In the past week two young girls, Audrie Pott (read Audrie's story here) and Rehtaeh Parsons (read Rehtaeh's story here) have been featured in the media for committing suicide. Both were sexually assaulted, and to make matters worse, had photos of the alleged assault go viral. Following the assault both girls were tormented and … Continue reading The Negative Effects of Social Media on Our Youth

This Week’s Tech Follow-Up

Another week, new tech stories. Let's check out some of my top tech stories for this week. Happy Birthday to the Cellphone! April 3rd was the 40th anniversary of the first cell phone call which was made by Martin Cooper, a Motorola engineer, in 1973. According to The Verge, Cooper called up Joel Engel, who … Continue reading This Week’s Tech Follow-Up

Follow-Up Friday

Every Friday I will post a list of topics I want to highlight from the week. I hope you learn about something new from this post and if you have a topic you think should be highlighted, drop me a line on the Ask Me tab. Thanks for joining me on my first Follow-Up Friday … Continue reading Follow-Up Friday

Facebook Does It Again…

I don't know about you but it seems like every few months Facebook decides to "reinvent" itself. I get overwhelmed trying to learn the new features every time. Well this time it seems like Facebook's new facelift... is for the better. Yesterday, at Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and co-founder) outlined the new … Continue reading Facebook Does It Again…