Have You Heard About Streak?

I currently work with CRM software so I like to stay up to date about the new things out there to assist with CRM. I was introduced to Streak by Brandy Lawson and her, myself and Darlene Cary had a Google+ Hangout to discuss Streak and it’s capabilities. The video below is a in-depth look showing Streak in action and covering all the basic parts. Check it out!

Let me know what you think about Streak.

Would you use this product?

2 thoughts on “Have You Heard About Streak?

  1. Darlene Cary says:

    Deena – Any insights on Streak since the video came out? Do you think it’s worth offering to clients as a CRM alternative? I like it’s simple interface, but as you and Brandy pointed out, it’s more for a solopreneur application.

    • deenamckay says:

      I like Streak. For someone like me who works with small to large businesses I don’t think it would work because of the amount of products and services they use and need. But for a small company or startup it would work great. The interface is easy to learn and it has the basics of Microsoft CRM which is all a small business needs.

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