Texting and Driving Now the #1 Cause of Driving Deaths


Remember when drinking and driving was the major driving concern? But now if you look at a person in the car next to you, you’ll see someone on their cell phone. Thus, a study done by the Cohen Children’s Medical Center has revealed that texting and driving is now the major concern, especially with teenage drivers. The study states that over 300,000 teens were injured and at least 3,000 killed each year, as a result of texting while driving.

There’s currently a ban on texting and driving in 39 states in the US, a few only have a partial ban or no ban at all (view a texting ban state map here). With texting and driving bans in place you think the numbers of injuries or deaths would be lower?

The reality is most people these days are attached to their phone (sad to say I know). If you go into a room with 4 teens guaranteed their heads are down in their phone with limited actual talking occurring. Even when you walk down the street, people don’t watch where they’re going, their too busy on their phone. And if that’s what happens just walking or visiting at a house, imagine what they do in a car?

Of course the issue of texting and driving isn’t only specific to teenagers. Everyone needs to be more aware of what is going on around them rather what’s happening on their cell phone. Some ways we can start becoming more aware is by making the phone out of arms reach while in the car so you’re not tempted. Also, the penalties for texting and driving should be stricter (add points to your license and higher fine cost). But also police need to enforce this type of violation of texting and driving more often. This will start to teach people it’s not safe and it’s serious!

Is it worth risking your life just to look at your cell phone or text  someone immediately? I don’t think so!

What do you think about this study? Do you text and drive?

2 thoughts on “Texting and Driving Now the #1 Cause of Driving Deaths

  1. Praverb ☻ (@PTheWyse) says:

    I believe everything that was mentioned in the study. I see this trend increasing in the future due to the advancement of Social Media platforms and the reduction of interpersonal communication.

    I do text and drive yet I am learning to keep my phone in my pocket while I am driving.

    • deenamckay says:

      Texting and driving has become a bigger problem over the years and I hope with new laws it can decrease. I’ve seen a lot of close calls to texting and driving so personal I don’t text while driving. What makes you text while driving?

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