How to Switch to a Tech Career


Often when you start a job after college, you’re still figuring out what you love. As time goes by and you begin to gain some experience in the working world and you may realize what you thought you wanted to do really isn’t the perfect fit. It might be the ideal time start looking for a new career. A reader asked me about changing careers and beginning to work in tech. Here are a few of my tips:

  • Figure Out Your Tech Interests. There are many tech areas that you can get involved in, but you need to know what area is best for you. For instance, if you love computer games, you should look into “game testing,” or “writing game software.” If you enjoy designing, “graphic design” or “software design” should go on your list. If you are interested in how the internet works and how computer connect to each other, “network administration or network design” will work for you. Remember it’s all up to what your passion is!
  • Get to Know the Right People. Many tech gurus love to assist people. Look into a formal or even casual apprenticeship or find a person who can help and guide you on your new tech journey. Also network with fellow geeks like myself because we are always willing to share with others.
  • Search for educational opportunities. You would be surprised how many training opportunities are available online and in your local area. Take some time to research these opportunities because the more education you get in the tech field, the better your income will probably be in the long run. Nevertheless, if you are more a hands on learner there a plenty of internships and entry level jobs out there for you.
  • Look into professional certifications. It doesn’t matter what you have a college degree in (or if even have one) but a great way to show your interest and credibility is by getting certifications. Now that doesn’t mean go and get any and every certification, get certification(s) that
    relate to your interest. And don’t fret about taking a test because there are tons of study guides online.
  • Write a competitive resume. Even though you may have absolutely no tech experience don’t count yourself out! Previous experiences can help illustrate skills such as analytics and decision making, which help show you have skills relative to a position.
  • Choose the Best Job for You. Keep in mind that you may have come from the top in your previous work world but you may have to start from the bottom in the tech world, depending on your desired position. At first you may have to take the best entry level job you can get, BUT in your spare time, focus on honing your skills and on keeping up with the constantly evolving applications, hardware, and software that you’ll need to utilize. This will help you move up.

Are you looking to switch careers? Do these tips help you?

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