This Week in Tech

Would You Do Prancercise? Yes That’s a Real Word!

The Internet throws a lot of ridiculousness our way daily. This video however is one of those gems you randomly find out of all the ridiculousness. A few things to note:

1)  I want to meet this lady and shake her hand

2) This is ridiculous yet awesome at the same time

3) Time to get your Prancercise on!

Are you going to be getting your Prancercise on soon? Let me know your thoughts below.

LinkedIn is Making Big Changes


Last Thursday and Friday LinkedIn added some major features. Users can now share photos, presentations and documents from the LinkedIn homepage. This feature is similar to the way people share status messages or links to news stories. To share content, click the paperclip icon on the right side of the share box and upload (see the image above).

Also, following in the steps of Twitter, LinkedIn and announced in a blog post Friday that users on the now have the option to enable two-step verification to protect their accounts. The instructions to enable the Two-step verification on LinkedIn are currently available.

What do you think of the LinkedIn updates?

How Much Blog Content Are We Consuming?!


A new article at makes a connection between blogging and beer. I’m sure your thinking beer?! Why BEER?! The article stated that we consume blogs and beers at about the same rate. Each week, the average American has 4.2 drinks and reads 4.1 blogs (sources: Gallup, Hubspot). The connection between beer and blogging is different yet intriguing, especially if you are a beer connoisseur. Check out the article and let me know if your blog is a light beer, IPA, stout or a keg?

Google Reveals New Gmail Look


On Wednesday Google revealed the new look and automatic labels for Gmail on the Web, as well as in Gmail’s Android and iOS apps. With this update, the new default tabes are: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. My favorite part about the new features are you can drag-and-drop messages between the tabs and Google will automatically “learn” how you want them filtered.

Don’t worry if you don’t like the new Gmail look you can switch back to the old Gmail look using the drop-down menu that appears when you mouse over your inbox.

Will you be using the old or new Gmail look?

Until next time….

Xo Deena

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