This Week in Tech

Would You Do Prancercise? Yes That's a Real Word! The Internet throws a lot of ridiculousness our way daily. This video however is one of those gems you randomly find out of all the ridiculousness. A few things to note: 1)  I want to meet this lady and shake her hand 2) This is ridiculous yet awesome … Continue reading This Week in Tech

Google Continues on its Path to World Domination

I wanted to share with my readers the major announcements Google had at it’s Google I/O yesterday. Sounds like some major, good changes coming. Also sounds like Google is trying to compete (eventually leading to domination) a lot of areas. What do you think about the changes?

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When the keynote speech started, Vic Gundotra did the opening for the 6th annual I/O and claimed that there were over 6 million viewers watching the keynote speech online.

900 Million Android Activations


The amount of Android activations has risen from 400 million last year, to 900 million this year. “But there are seven billion people on the planet and a long way to go” said Android boss Sundar Pichai, which shows

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This Week’s Tech Follow-up

It was another exciting week in tech. If you missed out don't worry because I have my top tech stories here. The Bitcoin Boom Bitcoin was created by a person called “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2008 and is the first digital currency that fulfills all the requirements of a real, sustainable currency. It's scarce; it's an … Continue reading This Week’s Tech Follow-up

Top Tech April Fool’s Day Pranks

Yesterday was the infamous April Fool's Day. I'm not one to partake in the festivities of the day, but there were a lot of pranks out in the tech world. Here are a few highlights: President Obama's April Fool's Day Speech I can't get enough of this kid's videos! Bye Bye YouTube You know you've … Continue reading Top Tech April Fool’s Day Pranks