Motivational Monday: Why not take a risk?


To begin my blogging journey I figured I would share why I even started this blog and what I want to get out of this experience. So… right out of graduate school I was fortunate to start a career, which is rare in this day and age. I began my journey in the IT world as a consultant and continue to do consulting to this day. In the past year I reflected on my career, my life, and my goals and I came to the conclusion that I want to do more, I NEED to do more. My ultimate goal was to become more informed and connected to my tech peers. Then it came to me one day, I should start a blog. PERFECT except I had no clue how to even begin the process. After some severe hesitation I finally decided I was going to take this risk. You’re probably thinking a blog is not that big of a risk right? Well if you knew me (or as you get to know me by continuing to read this blog ;)) you would know that I calculate all risks and opportunities before trying anything new. And I have decided its time to take a risk and to jump without looking down for once.

My reason for doing this blog is to expand my connections with people in the technology world and expand my horizons. I want this blog to be a place where people feel the freedom to comment and share their opinions and experiences. I want to share my opinion but I also want to learn from other people’s perspectives. I also want this to be a sounding board about things I find important in the technology world.

All in all, if this blog is a flop, I will be fine because I know its something out of my comfort zone and I am taking a risk and doing something new. If it is a success, I welcome all new opportunities that may occur with open arms.

I just want people who read this post (and future posts to come) to read my blog and feel brave enough to try something new themselves and get their voices out there.

Until next time…


One thought on “Motivational Monday: Why not take a risk?

  1. mmoney says:

    If you don’t try nothing you get just that nothing. It appears to be a good idea keep up the good work and ideas.

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