How to Stay Up to Date on Technology

As someone who works in the tech industry I realize that technology is constantly changing and some people may find it hard to keep up with what’s new. So I have organized some tips that can help techies and non-techies alike stay up to date.

  • Be an active learner: Since you’re around coworkers or peers everyday the first basic action you can take is talking to them about technology. If someone mentions something that peeks your interest or you’ve never heard about before don’t hesitate to follow-up with them and ask. Gaining and sharing knowledge will not only help you, but also your company.


  • Build a network: One of the reasons I started this blog is to connect with other people in the IT industry. If you have a good network, people are constantly interacting and/or posting about the latest and greatest. Some ways you can build your network are by joining LinkedIn, Twitter, reading and commenting on blogs, attending tech conferences (like SXSW) or even local business events.


  • Utilize online resources: If you prefer to read and learn about new technology yourself there are many options to find the information online. One way is by setting up RSS feeds and Google alerts which will make the information come directly to you instead of conducting your own daily searches. You can also use Twitter and blogs not only to view new tech information but to view people’s opinions on the new concepts. Some of my favorite tech sites are: TechCrunch, Forbes Tech News, and Wired. If Twitter is more your thing I follow: @HuffPostTech and @mashable.


  • Keep training: You will NEVER know absolutely everything. Therefore, you should always try to train and learn new things. Many companies offer training courses or know of a resource for tech training. Another option is to try online tutorial for potential tech products your interested in using. A good online tutorial will at least get you up and running and using the basics. Online materials are convenient and flexible for the average working person’s schedule.


  • Try something new: Sometimes when you’re working on a project you may find someone has a different way to approach the problem due to new technology. If that is the case try it! You may learn something new and be one of the few people with that knowledge (making you an asset) or you may see how the concept or product is not effective. Either way it’s a learning experience.


How do you stay up to date on technology? Will you try any of these techniques? Leave a comment below.

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