The Art of Losing: Why Sometimes It’s Good to Be a Loser

After watching March Madness games and seeing teams lose (like my Ohio State Buckeyes) I thought wow I wonder how these guys handle such a great loss? Then, I realized losing is a part of life, you can’t always be the winner. BUT it’s how you handle your loss that shapes you. Here are a few tips to use next time you feel like you are “losing”:

  1. Learn a lesson. When you lose, (may it be a job, promotion, etc) there’s always something you can learn from the experience. You are your worst critic, but you need to keep it real with yourself so you can grow.
  2. Evolve. After you lose and learn the lessons from your loss it is time to make a change within yourself. A tough minded LOSER ensures a healthy champion.
  3. Get fired up. Don’t think that you’ll stay a loser forever. NO! Instead get fired up and know your next move is going to be great. If you challenge yourself and make positive changes your internal chemistry will help you achieve the ultimate success.
  4. MOVE ON. Don’t look back unless you are using the loss as a learning experience. Once you learn from the situation let it go, don’t let it harbor and weigh down your thoughts.

Remember when Andrew Mason left Groupon, if not read about it here, he could’ve bashed Groupon on his way out. Instead he wrote a great letter to his fellow cohorts before leaving and made his loss an uplifting situation for the others involved. Remember that next time you’re in a losing situation.

How will you handle your next loss?

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