#ChiTech2.0:Welcome to the Mecca

If you’re in Chicago and in the tech industry you are NOT going to want to miss this event!

Next Tuesday (June 21st) Black Tech Mecca will be celebrating its current success and sharing their future endeavors with supporters (and hopefully some new faces) at Fremont.

If you don’t know about Black Tech Mecca let me catch you up… Black Tech Mecca is a movement in Chicago providing the black tech community with access to opportunities that will empower and spearhead their success.  They’ve been doing this by building a thriving tech ecosystem in Chicago through scalable, data driven solutions and specialized initiatives. This event will help Black Tech Mecca secure resources to fully execute their vision and deliver solutions that’ll propel Chicago’s black tech community to the forefront of the tech ecosystem.

Donations from this event will help Black Tech Mecca’s 3 big projects:

1. The State of The Black Tech Ecosystem Research Report (Target Release Date – Early 2017): A comprehensive research study that will chart the current state of the black tech ecosystem (SBTE) in Chicago. The study will culminate in a final report (SBTE Report) which will then be used to help inform ecosystem development strategies and programming in the long-term.

2. The Ecosystem Network (Target Launch Date – Early 2017): An online interactive resource network platform that simplifies the    navigation of the Chicago tech ecosystem for the black community.

3. Rebrand Chicago Campaign (Target Launch Date – Late 2017): A promotional campaign to rebrand Chicago as the ‘Global Black Tech Mecca’ through the amplification of awesome initiatives and activities that build the ecosystem.


I know I’ll be supporting Black Tech Mecca next Tuesday, will you? Purchase tickets to the event here. Hope to see you there!

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